Stradactiva was founded by Peppe Cannata in 2010.  Since then it’s become the driving force for a number of companies, not only taking care of programming and promotion but also experimenting with the public.

We produce and distribute innovative companies such as Tombs Creatius and A2manos. Our experience shows how important it is to work closely with event programmers.  We work hand in hand with them from start to finish

Stradactiva collaborates also in the organization, management, promotion and production of other projects  which are related with art and the necessity of create, spread and live the culture in all his forms and colours.


International programming and on location management for KatakraK  (2010 - 2017) in festivals in Belgium, France, Germany, Costa Rica, Poland, Croatia, Inglaterra, Taiwan, Holand, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Norway and the Chec republic.


Organization of the “Zoolar” space (2011) together with Itinerània, Tombs Creatius and Katakrak companies. 

Organization of the “Espai Manipulat” space (2013) together with Itinerània, Tombs Creatius, Katakrak, YMedioTeatro, MaBsutins, Ronan Tully and Circ Delicía companies. 


An event organised by a collective that share the same values and needs as Stradactiva. The first edition was held the 16 - 18 of September, 2016, at the farm house Kurmi. A group of people from diverse disciplines (musicians, dancers, actors, painters, photographers, cooks, installation artists) came together in symbiosis and synergy with each other and with the place


A micro-festival held at the home/workshop of the hosts. For 4 Thursdays in November 2015, guests were treated to micro-theater, micro-song, micro-music, micro-poetry reading. Sharing moments of magic and laughter it marked the closure of this particular space for creation in Barcelona.

Enginys Eko-Poètiks

Stradactiva also helped the company Katakrak create the interactive installation “Enginys Eko-Poètiks”,  launching it at the Fira Tarrega in 2013.