A2manos is a theatrical project that explores the multiple expressive potentialities of TANGRAM, the ancestral chinese puzzle.


El Cruce

"El Cruce" tells the story of a crossroads that seems to to offer no way out. With a large dose of simplicity and visual poetry, A2manos presents a piece of object theater about courage and the quest for alternatives. Substituting the words for a language as particular as universal: the manipulation of the pieces of a tangram game.

ALL AUDIENCES (from 4 years old) – NO TEXT – indoors or outdoors

Show available in 2 formats:

"El Cruce" in the TANGRAM's MARQUEE

Amazing theater of triangular dome with capacity for 35 people. Intimate and close stage that immerses us in a universe of figures and symbols that captivates and excites us. 3 shows of 20 minutes each continued session of 1h30min.

"El Cruce" with live music

Format where the jazz of Juan de Diego Trio is fused in scene with the gestural theater of A2manos. With three great values of the contemporary jazz on stage: Joe Smith, drums, Dani Pérez, guitar, and Juan de Diego, composer and trumpet. 40 min