Tombs Creatius, created by Toni Tomas, thinks up, designs and builds artisan games out of wood and entresorts for people of all ages.


Xics del Xurrac

Is an innovative collection born from the necessity of doing woodwork and “Els Castells”, a popular Catalan tradition about incredible human towers. A wooden challenge for public of all ages that puts the principles of the “castellers” world into play: energy, balance, prudence and courage.


The Strange Travel of Mr. Tonet

Using found and recycled wood, Tombs Creatius tells the vivid stories of Mr. Tonet’s travels, through a series of 9 games. Each game is attached to a box, each box is a story, and each story is a particular character, a creature built using robotics, light and sound. Pay close attention, for there is only one Mr. Tonet!


Monsters Colors

The idea for this project came about when Tombs Creatius was commissioned to build a collection of games for the Festival Internacional de las Artes (FIA) in Costa Rica. Monster Colors is a collection of 25 games, built from wood and designed for all ages. With colorful illustrations, they create an expressive and exciting atmosphere in the streets and plazas.


The Trip

A coproduction with “Fira de Teatre de Titelles de Lleida”. This fair stall invites the lonely spectator to make a “sidereal trip”. A trip which takes the spectator to the limit, until the real border or…who knows? Maybe the unique border, the one which separates life from death. Have a nice trip!


Puck Cinema Caravana

A collaboration between Toni Tomas (creator of Tombs Creatius) and Carles Porta (artist, graphic designer, and director of animated film). Puck is a caravan that has been converted into a small cinema, showing an exciting collection of short animation auteur films. The magic of this singular cinema stimulates a passion for animation film in an audience of all ages.


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