One-of-a kind experiences that challenge and move an all-age audience.


Stradactiva offers a platform for veteran companies who create and build installation and performance art for festivals and the street. 

We offer a wide range of new and original ideas including interactive installations, lived experiences, and poetic performances.

parallax background

Since 2010, Stradactiva has worked hard to help make public space a diverse and fun meeting place.


Stradactiva has taken part in many international festivals including: Watch This Space Festival and Greenwick Dockland Festival in England, Taipei Children Art Festival in Taiwan, Feta Festival in Poland, VivaCité and Chalon dans la Rue in France, Miramiro in Belgium and FIA Festival in Costa Rica. We also frequent the national festivals like: Fira Tarréga, Fira Mediterrània Manresa, Fira de Titelles Lleida, Feten Asturias, Umore Azoka Basque Country and many a number of national cultural events as well.